Anthropology (B.A.)

Anthropology, as the study of human behavior, spans to both time and space to help us better understand other cultures as well as ourselves. As an anthropology major at UNO, you’re choosing a program of theory heavily supported by hands-on research methods and fieldwork experience that will prepare you for future pursuits in education, cultural resource management, forensic and physical anthropology, and defense/security sectors.

Because New Orleans offers numerous cultural resources and a wealth of anthropological projects, UNO’s location within the city will prove advantageous to your education. You will have a chance to partner with nonprofit organizations around the New Orleans area, conduct in-depth interviews with restaurant owners recovering from Hurricane Katrina, or work with UNO’s interdisciplinary teaching and publishing center—the Neighborhood Story Project—to create community projects. You may also get involved in the historic archeology or urban planning research of New Orleans, historic preservation and cultural conservation programs, Louisiana folklore studies, or a wide variety of internships with nonprofit organizations and museums.

After you have completed your UNO degree, you will be qualified to work in research, policy, nonprofit, and government organizations in areas such as product design, market research, public relations, community development, public policy, advocacy, and applied research. You will also be prepared for the rigors of graduate work in anthropology and related fields at some of the best graduate and Ph.D. programs in the country.

Department of Anthropology

Curriculum & Requirements

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Related Minors

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  • Sociology

Selected Courses

  • Anthropology of Gender
  • Cultural Resource Management
  • Fads, Fallacies and Human Origins
  • Food and Culture
  • Urban Anthropology