Business Administration (B.S.)

In today’s ever-changing economy, jobs and the need for certain talents evolve quickly. The successful businessperson therefore has to be a knowledgeable generalist as well as a field-specific expert. The UNO’s Bachelor of Science degree in business administration will train you to be both. Complement your business curriculum with a substantial number of courses in liberal arts, you’ll become the flexible, innovative thinker companies look for (or the creative, ground-breaking entrepreneur. should you go it alone).

The innovative and challenging curriculum will include different instruction styles that involve lectures, case studies, team projects, and group presentations -- all designed to encourage participation. You will frequently work in teams with your classmates to solve business problems, to present your findings, and to defend your solutions.

Not all your time will be spent in class. You will also gain real-world experience. Our internship staff helps students secure positions in the Great New Orleans area. Our many activities and clubs will also help you prepare for a lifetime of success in the global economy. Student organizations like the College of Business Executive Council (CBEC), Club Managers Associate of America, and Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) are open to all business students.

You can be certain that a degree in business administration from UNO will prepare you to be diversified in the skills and competencies to succeed in your career.

Department of Management & Marketing

Curriculum & Requirements

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Selected Courses

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