Earth and Environmental Sciences (B.S.)

Since humankind only has one planet (for now, anyway), it’s imperative that we take good care of it. That’s why UNO offers the earth and environmental sciences (EES) program. We want to ensure that you possess not only all of the qualifications for higher education and employment within the EES industry, but also a thorough grounding that will allow you to make environmentally and socially responsible decisions once you do enter the industry.

Within the EES department, UNO offers two concentrations: geoscience and coastal and environmental science. You will be able to choose courses to meet these concentration requirements while also completing the standard College of Sciences curriculum. UNO’s location on the Mississippi River delta offers excellent field-based study in the department’s current areas of study, for example in mineralogy and high temperature geochemistry; paleontology and climatic control on human evolution; aquatic organisms, fisheries management, and natural resource management; and fluvial, estuarine, and marine sediment transport and hydrodynamic modeling. In addition to your tailored coursework, you will work in labs, with state-of-the-art instrumentation, and in analytical techniques in field-based courses and other hands-on activities.

Once you have completed the EES program, you can expect to find a place within one of many graduate schools across the nation or secure employment with the oil and gas industry, a state or federal science-based agency, or a private environmental firm. Wherever you land, you can be sure that your UNO degree will continue to serve you in your professional endeavors.

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Curriculum & Requirements

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Selected Courses

  • Dynamic Earth
  • Environmental Science and Policy
  • Introduction to Coastal Restoration and Management
  • Environmental Geology of Coastal Louisiana
  • Introduction to Geophysics