History (B.A.)

Do you see history as more than a series of dates and half-forgotten names on a page? While those elements are important, you’ll find that the past becomes more dynamic when you study history at UNO. You’ll learn that interpretations about history and the meanings behind it come into dispute and change. Not only will you explore these shifting dynamics; you will learn practical skills — such as critical thinking, evaluating arguments and evidence, and writing with precision and clarity — that will serve you in all your pursuits.

As a history major, you’ll have a core requirement of four introductory courses and a senior seminar. We also offer a wealth of elective history courses to feed your interests and complete your degree. While this range of courses includes European, Asian, and African history, our location provides a unique opportunity to explore in depth the rich cultural history of New Orleans, as well as Louisianan, African American, and urban history.

Once you have finished the history program at UNO, you’ll discover that your knowledge of the past opens up a future of possibilities. Our graduates pursue careers in fields as public history, journalism, business, government, documentary filmmaking, archives and museums, and public policy. Some of them couple the history degree with a minor in education, which leads to initial Louisiana teacher certification in social studies for grades 6-12. If you decide to continue your studies, then you’ll be prepared for a range of graduate programs including social science, teaching, law and history, to name a few.

Department of History

Curriculum & Requirements

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Selected Courses

  • History of New Orleans Music
  • Modern Military History
  • The Civil Rights Era
  • Africa from 1830
    to the Present