Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.)

Interdisciplinary studies, commonly known as IDS, is a unique degree program that incorporates courses of study from more than one discipline. You, as the student, will be able to synthesize broad perspectives, knowledge, skills, interconnections, and epistemology in an educational setting. For instance, you could learn how literature and sociology might be connected, or how earth and environmental sciences and political science affect one another.

As an interdisciplinary studies student at UNO, you will develop an integrative learning plan (ILP) where you will select and pursue subject areas derived from the interaction of different colleges and disciplines. Selected ILP’s include business and urban society, legal studies, pre-counseling, pre-social work, American studies, cultural studies, social sciences survey, and humanities survey.

Over 100 students graduate each year from UNO with a degree in interdisciplinary studies, and many students progress to advanced academic programs in education, allied health, counseling, social work, law, business, and many other areas. Other students who enter the work force after graduation become employed in businesses, industry, schools, government agencies, small business ownership, and many other fields.

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)

Curriculum & Requirements

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Related Minors

  • Students may minor in any field related to their ILP

Selected Courses

  • Integrative Learning Plan (ILP)
  • IDS Seminar
  • Humanities
  • IDS Capstone Course