Mathematics (B.S.)

If your technophilic soul yearns for a career in one of the highly technical areas prevalent in modern society, we’ve got your number. UNO’s mathematics program will lay the foundation for your advancement in any number of these fields: computer science, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, accounting, and electrical, mechanical, and naval engineering.

As a math major, you may select concentrations in any of these areas or in our signature concentrations. For example, actuarial mathematics — the study of risk in a financial setting — is useful for any business pursuit, and our curriculum is specifically designed to help you pass the Society of Actuaries tests. Perhaps you want to apply theory to a wide spectrum of practical problems through statistics. The extensive development and collection of large data sets in the last two decades has put such statistical techniques in greater demand than ever. Or, for a broader understanding you can count on, you may choose our industrial and applied mathematics concentration. By studying differential equations, mathematical modeling, numerical analysis, and optimization, you’ll be well prepared for a large range of applied settings.

Working in tandem with the College of Education and Human Development, many of our students work to become math teachers. Applications for a UNO mathematics education are virtually limitless.

of Mathematics

Curriculum & Requirements

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Related Minors

  • Actuarial Mathematics
  • Industrial and
    Applied Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Secondary Education

Selected Courses

  • Elementary Statistical Methods
  • Methods in
    Differential Equations
  • Introduction to
    Discrete Structures
  • Actuarial Probability
  • Introduction to
    Regression Analysis