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UNO Calling Center

The UNO Calling Center, located in the Homer L. Hitt Alumni & Visitors Center, employs current UNO students who reach out to alumni, parents and other friends of the university to provide opportunities to support the UNO First annual fund, join the UNO International Alumni Association, share campus news and gather updated contact information. UNO student callers are committed to helping you continue a meaningful connection to your university and dedicated to actively engaging our community in helping the university provide a high quality, accessible and challenging education for the benefit of UNO students today and tomorrow.

Quick Facts

  • The Call Center started during the fall 2014 semester as part of an effort to reach out to our alumni in a more personal way.
  • You may be contacted up to two times a year by a student caller.
  • Students collect updated contact information to help lower mailing costs and reduce returned mail.
  • Students call UNO alumni Monday - Thursday from 6 – 9PM CST and on Sundays from 12 – 8PM throughout the year (even during Saints games).
  • If you are current UNO student and you are interested in working with the UNO Calling Center, go to