Past Founders Day Luncheon Speakers

  • 2014: Charles D. Hadley, University Research Professor of Political Science Emeritus "Building The University of New Orleans"
  • 2013: Warren M. Billings, Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus "Reflections on UNO"
  • 2012: Louis A. Fernandez, Professor Emeritus of Geology and Geophysics, and
    Former Dean of the College of Sciences
    “Why My Best Years in Academia Were At The University of New Orleans”
  • 2011: John Altazan, Founding Faculty, Professor Emeritus of Economics and
    Finance, and Former Dean of the College of Business Administration
    “Reflections on the University”
  • 2010: Ronald J. Maestri, Athletic Director Emeritus
    “My Reflections on the University”
  • 2009: Bobby Lee Eason, Professor Emeritus of Human Performance and Health Promotion
    "Reflections of a Second Tier Member of the University of New Orleans Founders”
  • 2008: Raphael Cassimere, Jr., Class of 1966 and Professor Emeritus of History
    “UNO: Birth of a University/Rebirth of a City”
  • 2007: Jack Reinecke, Founding Faculty and Professor Emeritus of Economics and Finance
    “What Made LSUNO Work in the Early Years”
Speakers tapes are available upon request by contacting Dr. Charles D Hadley.