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The University of Louisiana System offers an online-degree program in Organizational Leadership that is powered by its nine universities.

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Minimum of 120 applicable hours

  • 39 Credit Hours of General Education Requirements
  • 45 hours taken at junior-senior level (3000-4999) with minimum of 21 credit hours applied to Integrative Learning Plan (ILP)*
  • 1 Credit Hour in Introductory Seminar
  • 1 Credit Hour in University Success
  • 1 Credit Hour in IDS Capstone
  • 33 Credit Hours in Supporting Prerequisite or Elective Course Work

General Education Requirements

  • English - (6)  ENGL 1157; ENGL 1158 or ENGL 1159 with a C or better
  • Literature - (3)  One course (2000 level) in the study of literature
  • Mathematics - (6)  Two courses above 1000 level
  • Natural Sciences - (9) hours consisting of six hours of one science (two lectures) and three hours of another. One of the sciences must be Biology and the other must be Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Sciences, or Physics.
  • Arts - (3)  Coursework selected from fine arts, music or theatre.
  • Humanities - (6) hours to include a minimum of 3 hours at the sophomore level (2000) or above. Humanities include English, Film, Theatre and Communication Arts, Foreign Languages, History, Journalism, Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies.
  • Social Sciences - (6) hours to include a minimum of 3 hours at the sophomore level (2000) or above. Social Sciences include Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Urban Studies.

Major Requirements

IDS 1001 Introductory Seminar - (1)  The IDS Introductory Seminar is required of all IDS students within the first two semesters of enrollment at UNO. In this course students will engage in an interactive learning experience exploring the principles of integrative learning in the Interdisciplinary Studies degree program. This course will be taught utilizing distance learning. This course is graded Pass/Fail.

Integrative Learning Plan (ILP) - (36)  Interdisciplinary program containing a minimum of two subject areas clearly representing a central theme or focus for the student. A maximum of six courses (18 credit hours) from any single subject is allowed. Must contain a minimum of seven courses (21 credit hours) from 3000 level or above. Courses offered by the College of Business, the College of Education and Human Development, or the College of Engineering are considered as singular disciplines.**

IDS 3091 Capstone Course - (1)  Prerequisite: Consent of department only. Independent Study course for Interdisciplinary Studies majors only. In this course IDS majors will build on their knowledge of interdisciplinary relationships between distinct academic disciplines in order to write their final reflection paper and to present an oral report on their integrative learning experience. The Capstone Reflection Paper is reviewed by Faculty Associates and IDS staff. This course is graded Pass/Fail.

Prerequisites and/or Electives

Supporting Course Work - (33) Other creditable course work which may include ILP prerequisite course work or other electives to support the ILP development or other student interests.


*Program includes a minimum of 45 credit hours in upper-division (3000-4999) level course work which may be applied to any area of the degree program. Seven courses (21 credit hours) must be completed with upper-division work in application to the Integrative Learning Plan.

**Maximum of 30 credit hours allowed in any one subject. All course work within the Colleges of Business, Education and Human Development, and Engineering is considered as one subject regardless of department. Final 30 hours must be completed while enrolled as a degree-seeking student in the IDS program. Eighteen (18) credit hours in ILP must be completed while enrolled in the IDS program.