SACSCOC Standards

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Core Requirements

Core Requirements are basic, broad-based, foundational requirements that an institution must meet to be accredited with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). They establish a threshold of development required of an institution seeking initial or continued accreditation by the Commission and reflect the Commission’s basic expectations of candidate and member institutions. In order for an institution to maintain accreditation in good standing; that is, without sanction, an institution must maintain compliance with all Core Requirements.

Standard Description
2.1 Degree Granting Authority
2.2 Governing Board
2.3 Chief Executive Officer
2.4 Institutional Mission
2.5 Institutional Effectiveness
2.6 Continuous Operation
2.7.1 Program Length
2.7.2 Program Content
2.7.3 General Education
2.7.4 Course Work for Degrees
2.8 Faculty
2.9 Learning Resources and Services
2.10 Student Support Services
2.11.1 Financial Resources
2.11.2 Physical Resources
2.12 Quality Enhancement Plan

SACSCOC Resource Manual, 2012 Edition