SACSCOC Steering Committee


  • Provide oversight for implementation of SACS reaffirmation effort
  • Identify potential areas of concern
  • Develop action plan to address identified areas of concern
  • Serve as reviewers of draft report sections
  • Ensure that all constituents participate in the reaffirmation process


Peter Fos, University President and Committee Chair
Brandon Bonds, Student Government President
Elaine Brooks, Academic Director of Interdisciplinary Studies,
Faculty Senate President
Donna Dickerson, Executive Director, Graduate School
Kevin Graves, Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Amanda Green, Business Manager, College of Sciences
Brett Kemker, Vice President, Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Gregg Lassen, Vice President, Business Affairs
Derek Rodriguez, UCC Help Desk Manager, Staff Council President
Janene Tate, Assistant Vice President, Office of Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing