Developing Targets

Criteria for success are quantifiable performance targets geared toward improvement with appropriate rationale.  Targets should be aspirational, but attainable. It is important to note that plans and assessments will not be judged by whether or not objectives were achieved or targets met, rather they will be judged by whether or not a documented effort was made.

Each outcome should have an appropriate measure and each measure should have a meaningful target. Targets should be developed based on the structure of the assessment method being used. Dichotomous targets will not provide useful information. In the case of student learning outcomes, targets should relate to the actual learning, not simply participation in the assessment.

Measure Sample Target
Listening test score on final music exam 80% of students will score satisfactory or above on
the rubric.
Counseling graduate survey 80% of all graduates will be employed as counselor educator, counselor or in closely related positions.
NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering Exam 100% of students will score within one standard deviation of national average.
Departmental qualifying exam 75% of students will pass the Qualifying Examination on its first administration.
Student satisfaction rate 85% of students will express overall satisfaction rate with tutoring sessions.
Time processing applications 80% of actions within 30 working days.
Number of actual intramural teams and club
sports registered
2-3% increase annually.

Measures with Sample Target Statements