What Kind of Student Are You?

Students at the University of New Orleans come from all over the world and are all ages. Some are making the move from high school to their freshman year of college, while others are transferring from another college or university or coming to the University of New Orleans as international or graduate student.

Note: Student categories marked with an * are not eligible for financial aid.

First Time Freshmen

A first time freshman is a student who has not earned any college credit following high school graduation. Students with dual enrollment credits earned while in high school are still considered first time freshmen.

Freshmen Students

Dual Enrollment/Supplemental Course Academy

Dual Enrollment students are currently enrolled in high school and want to earn college credit before graduation. UNO offers several early admission programs for qualified high school students.

Dual Enrollment Students


Transfer students have completed 24+ hours of college-level, non-remedial coursework (including math and English) from another institution. Students with less than 24 hours will apply as a transfer student but must also meet first time freshman admission requirements.

Transfer Students


International applicants are those who hold or will be holding a non-immigrant visa (F-1 or J-1).

International Students


Adult students are at least 25 years old  and have graduated from a state approved high school or have successfully earned a GED. They must meet traditional first time freshman, transfer, or graduate student requirements.

Adult Students


A returning student has earned some college credit at UNO and meets either first time freshman or transfer student requirements. Students who have earned coursework since leaving UNO are still considered returning students.

Returning Students


Students who are taking on-line courses only and not visiting campus. These students must meet first time freshman, transfer, or graduate admission requirements as appropriate. These students may receive the same services as students who take courses on campus such as academic advising, student health, counseling, disability, success coaching, career, and co-curricular.

Online Learning


Graduate students have completed a four-year degree and are pursuing a Master’s or Doctoral degree.

Graduate Students

Executive Graduate

Student professionals who are aiming to receive a graduate degree in the College of Business Administration within a year and a half.

Executive Graduate MBA


Students who have completed a four-year degree and are pursuing an additional undergraduate four-year degree. Post-Baccalaureate student's transcripts are evaluated as if they were a transfer student.

Summer Guest/Visiting Students*

Guest students who are enrolled at another college or university may earn transferable credit at UNO during a summer, fall, or spring semester. This is a one term only admission category.

Summer Guest/Visiting Students

Special/Non-Degree Seeking*

Special students are not seeking a degree. Some examples are Lifelong Learners (Louisiana residents who are 65 years of age and older), undergraduate students taking classes for fun or enrichment, study abroad, and graduate students required to take undergraduate courses for professional exams or admission to graduate school. These students must also meet either first time freshman or transfer admission requirements.

Non-degree Seeking Students


Military students may be veterans, on active duty, or dependents. These students must also meet the appropriate admission requirements, however, they are eligible for certain educational assistance programs.

Military Admissions
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