Wednesday, October 19, 2016

UNO Earns National Recognition as College of Distinction

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Innovative application of high impact educational practices at the University of New Orleans has earned the University recognition among the nation’s Colleges of Distinction, a national guide that highlights exceptional learning opportunities at top schools. UNO is the only public institution in Louisiana to be named a College of Distinction.

UNO students earned college credit and valuable life experience while participating in study aboard programs in a dozen countries during the past year, as well as through service learning, learning communities and various internships throughout metro New Orleans and beyond.

Colleges of Distinction“We are pleased to be named a College of Distinction because it underscores our commitment to student success at the University of New Orleans,” said UNO President John Nicklow. “We want to ensure that our students are supported from their very first orientation to the momentous day when they earn their degree. It is important that our students leave the University with skills and experiences that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.”

Schools must demonstrate results across four distinctions—engaged students, great teaching, vibrant community and successful outcomes. High school counselors and educators submit nominations and each school is evaluated on key indicators including student engagement, student empowerment and curricular innovation. Colleges that have distinguished themselves in each of the four distinctions and that have demonstrated dedication to enriching student outcomes through innovative learning opportunities are selected as Colleges of Distinction.

“We’re happy to award the University of New Orleans for developing skills relevant to graduates’ lives,” said Tyler Schritter, executive editor for Colleges of Distinction. “High student engagement in college is one of the keys to a successful undergraduate education. With an increasing emphasis on hands-on learning techniques, Colleges of Distinction applauds UNO for practicing methodologies that prepare students for their futures.”

The annual process to select the nation’s Colleges of Distinction also includes a review of each institution’s freshman experience, as well as its general education program, strategic plan, and alumni success and satisfaction measures.

“Colleges of Distinction is more than an annual ranking of colleges and universities,” Schritter said. “We only include colleges that offer every student a holistic and valuable experience. The Colleges of Distinctions have earned solid reputations for serving their students and nurturing success. Like UNO, our member schools provide the affirming undergraduate experience every student deserves.”

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