Department of Accounting


Our vision for the Department of Accounting at the University of New Orleans is to be a leading provider of accounting education to the Gulf Coast Region.


Welcome to the University of New Orleans Department of Accounting. We are proud that we are one of only 180 schools worldwide that has this prestigious separate AACSB International account accreditation.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Accounting is to provide programs, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, that prepare our students for careers as professional accountants in public practice, industry, and other areas, and for advancement into graduate programs. We will do this by maintaining high academic standards, superior teaching, quality research, significant service, and the effective use of technology. We recognize the importance of continuous improvement, high ethical standards, and diversity in the educational environment.

The Department of Accounting has three degree programs:

The B.S. in Accounting program provides undergraduates with an understanding of accounting concepts, preparing them for entry-level positions in the profession. The M.S. in Accounting program provides more specialized training in specific areas of accounting.  The M.S. in Tax Accounting degree provides comprehensive training in tax law and accounting with applications to business and individual taxpayers.

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting curriculum is designed to prepare students to begin to develop careers in professional accountancy. The program also serves as a foundation for entrance into graduate programs in business or accounting. While technical competence in business and accounting areas is the prime concern, the program also strives to develop:

  • analytical abilities
  • communication skills
  • an awareness of conflicting views
  • an intellectual curiosity for dealing with unresolved issues
  • a perspective for dealing with evolving professional practice

The educational process focuses students' attention on seeking explanations that are intellectually and theoretically sound, as well as on learning generally accepted solutions to already defined problems.

Philip J. Harmelink, Chairman and Ernst & Young ProfessorDr. Philip J. Harmelink
Chair, Department of Accounting
Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting

Welcome to the University of New Orleans Department of Accounting.  We are proud that we are one of only 180 schools worldwide that has the prestigious separate AACSB International accounting accreditation.

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