Economics & Finance Resources

The links are helpful resources recommended by the Faculty of the economics and finance department.

Web Resources

  • Resources for Economics is a well-known web site where its raison d-etre is self explanatory. Visit >>
  • Ref Desk is a great resource for sifting through the boundless amounts of information on the web. It's like a giant encyclopedia that also directs you to other encyclopedia sites.
  • WebEc lists and describes materials - economics and finance research journals -  that could be of interest to mainly academic economists. This is the kind of stuff your professors write when they're not in class. WebEc

Media Sources

  • The Economist the go-to publication to get informed about economics and the world around us.
    The Economist online >>

  • Economic Indicators and Analysis: Dismal Scientist - offers the latest news and analysis of economic events. Visit >>

  • Nightly Business Report is a highly respected business program hosted by Paul Kangas. It's on locally on channel 32 (WLAE) weeknights from
    6:00-7:00pm. Go to >>
  • The Newshour with Jim Lehrer provides business background reports from the highly respected PBS new magazine. Go to >>
Read Jim Lehrer's biography >>


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