Business Administration B.S.

In today’s ever-changing economy, jobs and the need for certain talents evolve quickly. The successful businessperson therefore has to be a knowledgeable generalist as well as a field-specific expert. The UNO’s Bachelor of Science degree in business administration will train you to be both. Since you’ll complement your business curriculum with a substantial number of courses in liberal arts, you’ll become the flexible, innovative thinker companies look for (or the creative, ground-breaking entrepreneur should you go it alone).

For more information about this major download the printable degree requirements. If a major in business administration isn't for you, see about business administration as a minor (available for non-business majors only).

Student Learning Outcomes

College of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

  1. Students will possess quantitative and technological skills and competencies enabling them to analyze and interpret business data and prepare them for the rigors of today's business world
  2. Students will possess the competencies that will prepare them for the rigors of today's business world
  3. Students will be able to communicate in written form in such a way as to demonstrate their ability to present information clearly, logically and critically

Degree Requirements

Receive a well-rounded education in addition to an in-depth preparation for your career in business. The degree requirements for business administration is an overview of courses required to complete the degree program.

Degree Requirements


Two minors are available only for non-business administration majors. Minors include business administration and global business studies.

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