Undergraduate Program in HRT

undergraduate programs

Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration

Our undergraduate degree program provides students with the foundations of business that will enable them to pursue a broad spectrum of opportunities. In particular the program aims to provide students with:
•    Leading edge education in hotel, restaurant and tourism management 
•    Individualized attention
•    A curriculum based upon industry involvement and academic research 
•    Integrated work experience 
•    Career opportunities 
•    Personal and professional growth 
•    An open-minded learning environment 

Student Learning Outcomes

College of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration

  1. Students will demonstrate the ability to make an informed ethical decision.
  2. Students will demonstrate effective written communications skills.
  3. Students will demonstrate effective problem solving skills.
  4. Students will demonstrate effective oral communications skills.
  5. Students will demonstrate core competency skills of the hospitality and tourism industry to prepare them for a career in the hospitality and tourism industry.
  6. Students will learn to apply core concepts of the hospitality and tourism industry to a business situation.
  7. Students will be able to identify cultural difference in the business environment.

Degree Requirements

The degree requirements for hotel, restaurant, and tourism provide an overview of courses required to complete the degree program. The program is designed to provide a sound preparation for graduate study as well as prepare students for careers in tourism, meetings, conventions and event planning, food and beverage management, and hotel operations management.

Degree Requirements

Minor in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Administration

The Department of HRT offers students a minor in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism. See our complete list of requirements.

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