Undergraduate Program

Management (B.S.)

The Department of Management and Marketing offers a B.S. in Management, with a choice of concentration in Human Resource Management.

The general management major provides a broad-based education about the practice of management in typical business or non-profit organizations. Development of managerial skills, including both analytical and interpersonal, enables students to succeed in a competitive international workplace. The broad understanding of the enterprise will serve students interested in either the corporate or small business environments where an overall strategic perspective is needed. Analytical skills help students understand how to drive business processes at optimal levels, rather than just incrementally improving them, while interpersonal skills help students understand the human factors in keeping an organization working together.

The program utilizes current management thought incorporated into an experience-based learning environment culminating in a business strategy course which lets students experience the interaction of departments in implementing a business strategy.

Student Learning Outcomes

College of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Management

  1. Management graduates will understand and communicate basic management concepts and the role of managers within organizations and in the marketplace.
  2. Management graduates will possess the knowledge to define and implement ethical standards and policies of corporate social responsibility.
  3. Management graduates will understand the global nature of management and be able to strategically address the challenges of managing multinational enterprises.
  4. Management graduates will be able to apply theories and principles of organizational behavior to managerial decision-making.
  5. Management graduates will utilize information in the internal and external environment to formulate and implement a strategy that builds on the core competencies of the firm in order to demonstrate active management of an enterprise in a competitive environment.
  6. Management graduates will demonstrate the ability to give a coherent, understandable business presentation.
  7. Management graduates will understand how to utilize and integrate technology and information into managerial decision-making and operational processes. This will include applying qualitative and quantitative methods in the decision-making process.

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements give an over view of courses required to complete the degree program. Not all courses are offered every semester. To see a list of current courses, please see our online catalog.
Degree Requirements


Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource Management

The Human Resource Management concentration is designed to prepare the student for a career or graduate study in the area of personnel/ human resource management.

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The department offers three minors. Minors include management, entrepreneurship, and management of information systems. These minors are open to students in other majors.

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