The University of New Orleans (UNO), the urban research university of the State of Louisiana, provides essential support for the educational, economic, cultural, and social well-being of the culturally rich and diverse New Orleans metropolitan area. Located in an international city, the university serves as an important link between Louisiana and both the nation and the world. The university strategically serves the needs of the region through its undergraduate and graduate programs and through mutually beneficial collaborations with public and private bodies whose missions and goals are consistent with and supportive of UNO’s teaching, scholarly, and community service objectives.

  • The university’s technological and cultural alliances connect the institution, its faculty, and its students to the community.
  • Joint projects with public schools, governments, foundations, businesses, and civic groups enrich opportunities for learning and community growth.
  • Research and graduate programs focus on fields of study in which UNO is nationally competitive or responding to specific state or regional needs.

The Mission of the Civil Engineering Program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New Orleans is to provide a high quality civil engineering education that serves the needs of qualified students and the economy of the Greater New Orleans area and the State of Louisiana.