Undergraduate Program

Civil Engineering B.S.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers a four-year program leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Civil Engineering degree.

Student Learning Outcomes
B.S. in Civil Engineering

Students upon securing a degree in B.S. in Civil Engineering will have the following abilities:

  1. An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs
  2. An ability to function on mulit-disciplinary teams
  3. An ability to communicate effectively
  4. An ability to conduct experiments, as well as analyze and interpret data


New or potential CEE undergraduate students should review the College of Engineering's information for engineering freshmen, which includes an important link to the University catalog. The admission process to our bachelor's program is managed by the UNO Office of Admissions.

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Curriculum Flowchart

The department provides a flow chart in PDF format to guide students through required courses.

The flowchart is divided into four main columns representing each academic year: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. Each of those years is represented by two sub-columns for each of the two semesters: fall semester and spring semester. At the bottom of each semester column is a number showing the total number of credit hours for the courses in that semester column.
The color coding of the flowchart is explained by the key across the top of the page. Colors of the course blocks indicate whether a course is offered in both the fall and spring semester, or offered only in the fall, or only in the spring. Colors of the arrows represent courses that have or are prerequisites, that is, a student must have satisfactorily completed one course before they are allowed to take the following course. Colors of the arrows indicate where a student must be co-registered for two courses at the same time, or the student must have satisfactorily earned credit for one course before they are allowed to register for the second course.

Degree Requirements | Curriculum Flowchart