Computer Engineering Concentration

The CpE concentration requirements include 12 credit hours of electives. Any EE course at the 3000 or 4000 level* which is not an already required course is an acceptable elective. Three of the 12 credit hours may be an approved Computer Science elective.

Not all courses will be offered every semester. Please check WebStar for the up-to-date list of courses.

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Computer Engineering Concentration Electives
ENEE 4534 Process Control Systems
ENEE 4535 Intro Digital Signal Processing
ENEE 4536 Embedded Multimedia Systems
ENEE 4575 Data & Computer Communications
ENEE 4585 HDL Chip Design
CSCI 4401 Principles of Operating Systems I
CSCI 4130 Introduction to Cryptography
*Note: ENEE 3501 does not count as a CpE elective.