Engineering Management Program

Master of Science in Engineering Management (M.S.)

A Hybrid Program for Full-Time Professionals and Full-Time Students

From beginning to end, with an innovative new curriculum, industry partnerships, and a hybrid approach the M.S. degree in Engineering Management and the concentration in Systems Innovation Engineering are designed to equip students to lead in complex engineering environments. The program is designed to not only accommodate full time professionals but to work on projects that are beneficial in their work environment and to connect full time students to opportunities with industry partners. The hybrid approach allows for both flexibility and the connection with faculty and other students so valuable in today’s work environment.

Concentration in Systems Innovation Engineering

Systems Innovation EngineeringSystems Innovation Engineering
The concentration in System Innovation Engineering adds a focus to the Engineering Management Program.  As technology becomes more complex and integrated, the need for Engineering Managers who are able to analyze and manage entire systems become increasingly more important. Engineering managers must not only be able to manage a project and conduct a risk assessment, but entire programs. and how risk accumulates across an entire system or even multiple systems.


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