Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Program

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The doctoral program is designed to foster an understanding of the interaction of theory and practice in culturally diverse, metropolitan, educational settings. These broad objectives are met through a planned set of courses, seminars, independent studies, practica, and research. Doctoral students engage in reflective inquiry and conduct qualitative and/or quantitative research in their respective fields as well as develop their professional competencies in instructional and curriculum leadership.

Program objectives are consistent with the conceptual framework of the College of Education and Human Development and the metropolitan mission of the University of New Orleans. The Theory-Practice Interaction Model advanced by the faculty of Curriculum and Instruction serves as an overall conceptual framework guiding the establishment and development of the doctoral program.

The program of study is conducted in three phases:

  • Phase I: Application through Unconditional Program Admission;
  • Phase II: Unconditional Program Admission through Generals, and
  • Phase III: General Exam through Dissertation Defense.

The Doctoral Handbook provides the student and the faculty with a through description of each phase and related policies and procedures set forth by the university and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and will be forwarded to the graduate student once he or she is admitted unconditionally to the university and conditionally to the program. The student is always welcome to contact the Chairperson of the Department, the Graduate Studies Coordinator and/or individual faculty members to discuss the nature of doctoral study.

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