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Human Performance and Health Promotion

Human Performance and Health Promotion (B.S.)

The College of Education and Human Development offers a Bachelor of Science in Human Performance and Health Promotion (HPHP). This program prepares students for professions that enhance individual and community wellness and promote health and physical activity. Completing an HPHP degree proves the skills to make a difference in the health and wellness of individuals or communities. The degree program, however, does not offer students a certification in teaching.

Student Learning Outcomes
Bachelor of Science in Human Performance and Health Promotion

  1. Graduates with a B.S. in Human Performance and Health Promotion will demonstrate professional knowledge, skills, and competencies as they deliver health instruction or services to clients.
  2. Graduates with the B.S. in Human Performance and Health Promotion will evaluate aspects of their academic preparation favorably.
  3. Graduates will be encouraged to complete the appropriate certification exam (CHES or ACSM certification).


This program offers concentrations in Health Promotion and Exercise Physiology.  Both concentrations culminate in a semester-long internship in the community during which students gain applied experience under the supervision of professionals in the community.

Exercise Physiology
Students in the exercise physiology concentration gain advanced knowledge about how the body responds to exercise and how these concepts of field can be applied to training individuals to reach their physical potential, for both health outcomes and athletic performance. Students learn to use physical activity as a tool in health, fitness, and sports settings.

Degree Requirements

Health Promotion
Students in the health promotion concentration learn the skills to develop and evaluate heath programs delivered to individuals or groups in the community. The emphasis is on preventing illness and promoting wellness. Students learn a variety of strategies to develop, implement, and evaluate health promotion programs, skills that can be applied in a variety of health settings.

Degree Requirements