Mission Statement

College of Education and Human Development

The mission of the College of Education and Human Development, the UNO unit for teacher education and counseling, is aligned with that of the university in that the college is committed to working within a community partnership model to improve our community through enhanced educational systems and service to the community.

The mission of the College of Education and Human Development is to improve teaching and leadership, advance lifelong learning, and promote health and wellness through enhanced community partnerships.

The college accomplishes this mission through

  • Baccalaureate, Master's and Doctoral programs of study
  • Interaction of practice and theory
  • Inclusive practice among diverse populations
  • Proactive efforts to optimize health and wellness across the lifespan
  • Involvement at local, state, national and international levels
  • Generation and dissemination of applied, basic and sponsored research
  • Application of current and advanced technology
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships to enhance communities and improve schools.

In support of this mission, the College of Education and Human Development has adopted an overall goal of preparing reflective practitioners who develop, implement, and evaluate effective educational and human development programs and services. This goal is accomplished through programs of study grounded in the interaction of theory and practice.

The programs of study developed by the college to support this goal are designed according to two key concepts:

  • The programs are inquiry based: Each program of study supports candidates in the use of multiple inquiry methods to gain new knowledge, demonstrate performances in field settings, and develop plans for continued professional development.
  • The programs are metropolitan focused: Each program of study addresses the needs of diverse communities in urban and suburban settings.