Mission Statement

The Department of Sociology is committed to maintaining teaching standards that effectively prepare students to pursue productive employment, post-graduate and advanced graduate degrees, and to fulfill actively its responsibilities regarding community involvement and service. The Department of Sociology supports the educational mission of the University of New Orleans through its undergraduate and graduate degree programs that reflect a commitment to the maintenance of the highest professional standards. Members of the department are also committed to conducting research and publishing in numerous areas.

The undergraduate program (B.A.) in sociology provides a foundation of sociological knowledge; including its unique theoretical perspectives, research methods, and research findings generated in a number of diverse substantive areas within the discipline. It also provides students with on-the-job experience through the department's internship program, prepares students for post-graduate work, or to pursue careers in areas such as business and industry, community and social services, education, government, and the justice system.

The Master of Arts in Sociology (M.A.) program provides students advanced training in the core theoretical and methodological knowledge of the discipline as well as in numerous substantive areas, permitting students to establish a degree of specialization. Our major areas of emphasis are gender studies and environment/disaster sociology. The Master's program seeks to help students develop a deeper understanding of major theoretical perspectives in sociology, acquire the analytical skills required to apply theories and methods, and enhance their ability to communicate orally and in writing their comprehension of sociological principles and their application. The program further seeks to instill a thorough understanding of research methodology through the department's core methods and statistics courses. The Masters of Arts degree in Sociology enables students to increase their options regarding careers they might reasonably pursue, or to prepare them for doctoral work.

Furthermore, the Department of Sociology continues to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to create a diverse faculty that reflects our community and student body.


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