Market Research Studies

The Graduate Program in Arts Administration at UNO has taken the opportunity to conduct and analyze market research studies that were intended to gather information about the local and national performing arts scenes.

Q2 Local Studies

During the Spring of 2011, the Graduate Program in Arts Administration worked with Qualitative and Quantitative (Q2) Insights to conduct a local quantitative web survey and a qualitative focus group. The goal was gather information that would lead to increased ticket sales at performing arts events in the New Orleans area.

How Strong is Your Social Net? National Findings vs. Local Findings

From December 2010 to September 2011,The Arts Council of New Orleans partnered with the Graduate Program in Arts Administration to work with Trudel MacPherson, a group of Arts Consultants. Trudel MacPherson focuses on brand development and marketing outreach in the arts communities. The goal was to compare national findings to 24 Greater New Orleans arts organizations and conduct a workshop that would help New Orleans arts organizations increase their social outreach.

We thank those who have sponsored some of our exciting research. We are proud to be affiliated with the following organizations

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