Online Master’s Degree in Romance Languages - Spanish or French Option

Graduate Coordinator

dfgJuliana Starr

Liberal Arts 291-A
Phone: 504-280-6932

The Department of Foreign Languages offers an on-line graduate program in French and Spanish, leading to a Master of Arts degree in Romance Languages, with a concentration in Literature, or in Language, Culture and Civilization. While a deliberate "option" in French or in Spanish is the more frequent choice for our graduate students, graduate courses taken in the minor language can be credited towards the M.A. in Romance Languages in the major language. For example, as many as two graduate courses taken in French may count towards the credits needed for the Spanish option, and vice versa.

A number of Graduate Assistantships are available to qualified students, on a competitive basis. A maximum of 12 graduate transfer credits may be granted for graduate studies undertaken in another accredited institution of higher learning, at the graduate level.

For additional information call the graduate coordinator: Dr. Juliana Starr 504-280-6932