Community Outreach

Satchmo Summer Seminars Seminars

Since its inception, The Midlo Center has sponsored a series of high profile outreach projects that help circulate information from the University of New Orleans back into the community that it serves. The Center has sponsored or co-sponsored lectures, panel discussions, teacher workshops, conferences, oral history projects, and lecture series/academic courses, among many others. Hundreds of New Orleanians learned about the history of their city when the Midlo Center opened the History of New Orleans course to the community after Katrina.

The Midlo Center has sponsored research projects that have generated new material or facilitated the circulation of archival material for scholars studying New Orleans history. These include the recent project conducted by Dr. Al Kennedy in which the Orleans Parish School Board records have been retrieved, archived, and now are being digitalized for wide use.

The Midlo Center serves as resource and ‘educational component’ of many city and state initiatives related to tourism, heritage, and preservation. These include the 1999 Sidney Bechet Centennial, the 2001 Louis Armstrong Centennial, the annual French Quarter Festival and Satchmo SummerFest, among others. The Midlo Center has promoted collaborations between and among the University, local archives, humanities organizations, and scholars. Collaborations occur in informal and formal ways, through co-sponsorship of events, internships, and discussions. Through all of these projects and initiatives, the Midlo Center fulfills its mission of serving the community of New Orleans by circulating New Orleans history to the city.

Conferences, lectures and projects

  • Midlo Scholars Lectures at the Earl K.
    Long Library, 2013
  • Orleans Parish School Board Records Celebration of 30 Years at UNO, 2012
  • New Orleans Senegal Conference, 2013
  • Satchmo SummerFest Seminars, 2002–2015
  • French Quarter Festival Seminars, 2006–2015
  • Louisiana Bicentennial Teachers Workshop, 2012
  • Louisiana State Museum Second Thursdays
    Lecture Series, 2006–13
  • International Association for the Study of Popular Music Conference, 2011
  • Cultures of Rebuilding in Post-Katrina
    New Orleans Conference, 2008
  • History of New Orleans Lecture Series, 2007
  • Boswell Centennial, 2007
  • Deacons for Defense - Midlo Lecture, 2005
  • Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial Lecture Series, 2002
  • Satchmo to Amadeus Conference,
    Salzburg, Austria 2001
  • Louis Armstrong Centennial Conference, 2001
  • Revisiting the Birth of Our Century, 1998
  • New Orleans Music Colloquium, 1998-09
  • New Orleans in Europe, Warwick University,
    Great Britain, 1998
  • Sidney Bechet Centennial, 1997
  • Robert Williams and the Self Defense Aspect
    of the Civil Rights Movement, 1997
  • The State of Our Country Dr. Ben Chavis, Jr., 1992
  • Black and White Together? Anne Braden, 1992
  • The Challenge of an American Tradition
    John Hope Franklin, 1988
  • Why We Marched: Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, 1983
  • "To Be Sold" Conference, 2015
  • "Freedom on the Move" Project, 2014-15
  • "Domestic Slave Trade," Joshua D. Rothman, 2014