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Faculty of Planning and Urban Studies

Fallon AidooFallon Aidoo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Specializations: Built Environments, Diversity and Inclusion in Transportation, Preservation Planning.

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David GladstoneDavid Gladstone, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

MH 306

Specializations:  Economic Development, Gentrification, Globalization, Immigration, Real Estate Development, Social Policy, Travel and Tourism

nelsonMarla K Nelson, Ph.D., AICP
Associate Professor,
MURP Program Coordinator

MH 300

Specializations:  Economic Development, Urban Redevelopment, and Community Development with a Focus on Strategies for Inclusive and Equitable Growth.

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Bethany StichBethany Stich, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Interim Director, UNOTI
Associate Professor

MH 388

Specializations:  Public Policy and Administration, Freight Administration, Economic Development, Research Design

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Michelle ThompsonMichelle M. Thompson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

MH 380

Specializations:  Community and Economic Development, Housing, Applied Public Participation Geographic Information Systems, Citizen Science.

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Guang TlanGuang Tian, PhD
Assistant Professor


 MH 302

 Specializations:  GIS, Urban Studies and Planning, Environmental and Economic Impacts of Transportation

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Part-time and Emeritus of Planning and Urban Studies

Jane BrooksJane S. Brooks,

Professor Emerita

MH 368

Specializations:  Historic Preservation Planning, Urban Design, Neighborhood Revitalization, Urban Planning History

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Earl HedrickEarl J. Hedrick, Jr.
Professor Emeritus

MH 368


Juana IbanezJuana Ibanez
Geography Lecturer

 312 MH

 Specializations:  Cultural and Physical World Challenges, Archaeology, Geography

Steve VillavasoStephen D. Villavaso
Adjunct Professor

MH 368
Specializations:  Land Use Planning, Master Plans, Zoning Codes, Zoning and Land Use Laws
Bob BeckerBob Becker

Special Lecturer

Specializations:  Parking Planning and Operations, Capital Budgeting, Land Use and Planning, Disaster Planning and Recovery
Kristina PetersonsKristina Peterson

Adjunct Instructor

Specializations:  Long Term Disaster Recovery Community Planning, Participatory Community Engagement/PAR, Displacement and Resettlement, Coastal Communities-Historied and Indigenous, Planning with TEK and Indigenous Knowledges
Renee' Bourgogne, PhD
Adjunct Instructor


Specializations:  Historic Preservation, Architectural History, Gentrification, Urban History, Immigration
Ned MitchellNed Mitchell

Adjunct Instructor

Specializations:  Marine Transportation, Dredging, Network Optimization, Freight Systems, Water Resources Infrastructure
Traci Lynn Birch