Department Mission

The mission of the Department of Planning and Urban Studies (PLUS) is “building livable communities, through education, research and engagement.” The Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies and Planning degree offered by PLUS helps fulfill this mission by preparing our students for the challenge of bringing about social change at the local, regional, national and international levels. This includes building resilient regions that can withstand natural and human-created disasters and disaster recovery. PLUS has over 30 years of research and planning experience in Southeast Louisiana. This expertise includes the provision of a variety of planning, public administration and technical support activities to local, state, and federal agencies. PLUS and its affiliated departments also have significant GIS, remote sensing, database and data analysis capabilities that can assist all levels of government and give students the analytical tools necessary to work in urban professions. PLUS undergraduate students take courses relating to a range of urban studies and planning topics, and they also gain real world experience through independent studies and internships.