The Department of Chemistry hosts guest speakers who give research seminars. Guests typically present their seminars on Fridays. Graduate students also present research or literature seminars, usually on Mondays. All seminars are held in Chemical Sciences Building, Room 103 at 3:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

Seminar Program: Visiting Speakers 

Date Speaker/Affiliation Seminar Title
09/05/14 Varied speakers on important safety topics Safety Seminar
*Special time*
Fall BBQ  Begins at 12:00 noon
09/26/14 Dr. Sohelia Maleki
Food Procession Alters the Allergenicity of Peanuts
10/03/14 Prof. Piotr Piotowiak
Rutgers University
Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Complex Systems: Polyoxotitanate Clusters and Dendrimers
10/10/14 Prof. Igor Rubstov
Tulane University
Ballistic Energy Transport in Molecules- Fast and Efficient 
*Special day*
United States Public Health Service   Careers in Public Health 
10/17/14 No Seminar  Mid-Semester Break
10/24/14 Dr. Gerard Bastian
Laboratoire de Pharmacologie
National Institute of Health & Medical Research (Paris, France)
 New Metal Ions in Cancer Research
*Special time*
Halloween Party  Begins at 12:00 noon
*Special day*
Mr. Juan Callejas
UNO Alumnus
Pennsylvania State University
Nanostructured Catalysts for the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction (HER)
11/07/14 William A. McLawhon, Jr.
Facebook, Inc.
From Silicon Crystals to Silicon Valley: How a Chemist Ended Up at Facebook
11/14/14 Prof. Minghi Zhang
Ohio State University
Biologically Derived and Bio-inspired Nanoparticles 
*Special day*
Prof. Alex Mackerell
University of Maryland 
*Special time*
Thanksgiving Potluck Begins at 12:00 noon
11/28/14 No Seminar Thanksgiving Holiday (University Closed)
11/30/14 - 12/05/14 Fall MRS Meeting Boston, MA
12/05/14 No Seminar  
*Special Time*
CHEM 3094
Undergraduate Presentations
Begins at 1:30 pm

Seminar Program: Graduate Student Speakers

Date Speaker/Seminar Type
10/13/14 Dr. Matthew Tarr/Guest Speaker
10/20/14 Marielle Soniat/Research
10/27/14 Mason Rau
11/03/14 Dr. John Wiley/Guest Speaker
11/10/14 Sean Carson
11/17/14 Dr. Dhruva Chakravorty/Guest Speaker
11/19/14 Kiran Thota/Research
11/24/14 Ashley Alexander 
12/01/14 Kevan Daveron