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Students interested in optometry as a profession should elect a four-year degree program (major) that adequately prepares them for entry into optometry school. Most students choose biology or chemistry as a major (please note: “pre-optometry” is NOT a major). Pre-optometry students may, however, major in any subject, but should make sure that the selected major offers sufficient free electives so that all the courses required by optometry school ls can be taken. Course requirements vary widely from one school to the next, and students should consult the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) website for a detailed list of requirements for each school. To quote from the ASCO web site, “General requirements for all schools include: at least a year of Biology or Zoology, General Chemistry, General Physics, English, and College Mathematics. Contact the school or college of your choice to confirm.” Please note there is considerable variation especially with regard to the organic chemistry requirement. Some schools require one semester, others two, and some allow biochemistry to substitute for one semester of organic.