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Applied Psychology Program

Graduate StudentsThe department is known for its strong history of high quality research, teaching, and service. When the applied arm of the American Psychology Society (APS), the American Association of Applied and Preventive Psychology, was established in 1994, the UNO psychology department was one of the first departments to receive accreditation in applied psychology.  Further evidence for the quality of the department comes from its history of attracting external funding to support faculty research. Over the 2012-2013 academic year, the department had over $6 million in grants and contracts in force.

Ph.D. in Applied Psychology

The overall training goal of the department’s doctoral program is to produce well-trained applied scientists who, depending on their career goals, are capable of teaching, conducting research, and providing professional service delivery. Students have substantial contact with faculty in both programs through classes, graduate committees, and other formal and informal departmental activities. The size and collaborative nature of our faculty ensures that students will have the opportunity to interact with nearly all of the faculty members in the department. Students in both programs take many classes together and often work on joint research projects.

This doctoral degree program, combined with a master of science, offers two specializations.


BiospychologyApplied Biopsychology Program

Biopsychology is a translational, integrative, and rapidly evolving discipline within psychology that can be defined as the scientific study of the biology of behavior. The Applied Biopsychology track at UNO is personified by collaborative faculty research in biopsychology research laboratories.

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DevelopmentalApplied Developmental Psychology Program

Applied Developmental Psychology focuses on the use of developmental theory and research to promote positive developmental outcomes in individuals, families, and communities.  Students are trained to use science-based knowledge to promote healthy behavioral, social, cognitive, emotional, and biological development.

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