Undergraduate Research Program

Ochsner-UNO Summer Research Internship in Health and Medical Sciences

UNO College of Sciences

The Ochsner-UNO Summer Research Internship in Health and Medical Sciences engages undergraduate students with hands-on experience working alongside physicians and PhDs at medical research labs at Ochsner. Interns conduct work over a six week period in the summer and receive a $2500 stipend.  In addition to working on specific research projects, interns attend medical student lectures and grand rounds, participate in professional development activities, and receive one-on-one mentoring.  It is expected that the research projects will result in an abstract publication.

Applicants must be rising sophomores, juniors, or seniors in Biological Sciences or the Pre-medical program at UNO. Those selected for an internship are required to undertake a urine drug test at Ochsner.


Application deadline: March 6, 2017

List of potential research projects | Ochsner flyer

Eurofins Scientific-UNO Internship/Scholarship Program

The Eurofins Scientific-UNO Internship and Scholarship Program offers an opportunity for undergraduate students to grow their scientific laboratory skills working in a state-of-the-art lab alongside top industry professionals. Interns will work in one of two facilities located in the UNO Research and Technology Park - Central Analytics Lab or GeneScan Lab.  These are paid internships with students beginning work in the summer and continuing through the end of the school year.  Interns will also receive a $1500 tuition scholarship. 

Applicants must be juniors or seniors in various science program with preference given to students in Analytical Chemistry or Molecular Biology. Laboratory experience is preferred. 

2016 Eurofins Flyer

College of Sciences Undergraduate Research Program (COSURP)

The College of Sciences Undergraduate Research Program (COSURP) serves to engage undergraduate students in the College of Sciences in cutting-edge research, providing funding for laboratory supplies and student wages. Applicants must be an undergraduate in the College of Sciences to apply and positions are available across all seven departments.  Students can work 10 hours per week, earning $10 per hour.  Departments may also offer course credit for independent research depending on the department requirements.

COSURP seek to enrich the UNO undergraduate experience by:

  • Increasing the interaction between undergraduate students and faculty/graduate students.
  • Building lasting bonds through group educational opportunities and social activities.  
  • Providing insight into careers in the sciences.  

This program is not intended for only our best students but also those students at risk of leaving UNO.  We especially encourage freshmen and sophomores to apply and also women and minority students.  Please feel free to contact us at sciences@uno.edu for more information.

Support the College of Sciences Undergraduate Research Program

The College of Sciences seeks funding to expand our undergraduate research program with a focus on engaging and supporting high potential, academically at-risk students in meaningful research in the early stages of their undergraduate careers at the University of New Orleans.

The expanded College of Sciences Undergraduate Research Program (COSURP) will focus on women and students of color. For more information or to support this initiative, please contact Steve Johnson, Dean, at 504- 280-6303 or sgjohnso@uno.edu.