How to Apply


January 15

No late additions or revisions will be accepted.

All applicants will apply to the Creative Writing Workshop by completing UNO's Online Graduate Application. All applicants must have undergraduate degrees and current GRE scores. GRE scores are not required for anyone who holds a Master's degree or higher in a similar field. All application materials will be uploaded via this application, which can be found here:

UNO Online Graduate Application

Application Tips

Admission to the University of New Orleans Creative Writing Workshop is highly selective and is based primarily on the quality of the applicant’s writing. Your writing sample, therefore, is the most important part of your application. In putting your sample together, you should emphasize quality rather than length.

Your Writing Sample

Your writing sample should be in a single genre, the one in which you intend to specialize, and should be uploaded with a cover sheet clearly labeled either "Fiction," "Nonfiction," "Poetry," "Playwriting" or "Screenwriting."

Fiction applicants should send no more than two short stories or a novel excerpt, either of which should be no longer than 30 pages DOUBLE SPACED

Nonfiction applicants should send up to two pieces or a book excerpt, either of which should be no longer than 30 pages DOUBLE SPACED

Poetry applicants should send ten poems

Screenwriting applicants should send a feature-length film script

Playwriting applicants should send 2 plays of any length

Your Statement of Purpose

Your Statement of Purpose should detail your reasons for applying to our M.F.A. program. Generally, statements are one to two pages DOUBLE SPACED and should give us a sense of who you are beyond what you can tell us by filling in blanks on a form. We understand you may feel desperate or intimidated, but the best approach is just to be honest. We read a LOT of these. We know you've always been a writer. We know you love to read and that stories mean everything to you. Tell us what we don't know.

Your Letters of Recommendation

We ask for 3 letters of recommendation. We are interested in hearing from people who have seen your writing in an academic or professional context. Maybe that's undergraduate teachers. Maybe that's a teacher from a workshop you took. Not your mama or your best friend, is what we're saying. And we'd like to hear from those who can speak about your academic readiness. So, for most people, letters of recommendation should come from former teachers. Even if you've been out of school for a very long time, teachers and professors know your work the best. 

The wise applicant will follow all the directions above exactly.