Building Services

Contact Information

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday:  8 AM - 4:30 PM
Human Performance Center
Room 137

John Young
Director for Maintenance, Housekeeping and Grounds
Phone: (504) 280-1265

The mission of Building Services is to provide professional janitorial and horticultural services to the University of New Orleans community in order to ensure a clean, esthetically pleasing, and sanitized environment. Tasks include:

  • Identify and solve housekeeping problems by forming a partnership with the University of New Orleans Community, thereby enhancing the quality of campus life for all students, faculty and visitors.
  • Facilitate the movement of any and all items necessary to maintain and enhance day-to-day University activities. Facility Services contracts with a private vendor to provide all moving services for the campus. (Please contact Maintenance, Housekeeping and Grounds regarding the cost of a move.)
  • Perform enhanced safety measures and precautions during hurricane season.


The Grounds division provides grounds and landscape services to ensure a safe and attractive environment for the campus community.


Housekeeping is responsible for the interior cleanliness of campus buildings and for "set-ups" to support campus events.