Vehicle Fleet and Motor Pool

Combination MV3/MV4/Safety Checklist, Daily Vehicle Log

The daily vehicle logs are kept on the UNO SharePoint web site under UNO Intranet > Campus Services > Facility Services. You may need to log on with your UNO user name and password. Vehicle safety checklist should be filled out according to these instructions otherwise you will receive a request for corrections.

Steps to Reserve the Facility Services Van

The van is a 7-passenger, 2002 Dodge Caravan. Follow the instructions below to reserve the van. Please note, if you are prompted to log in, log in with your UNO email address and password. You will need SharePoint access, and approval by a dean or director in step 3.
  1. Verify the driver is on the Approved Drivers List. Contact Facility Services if a driver needs to be added.
  2. Verify the day/time is open on the Motor Pool Reservation Calendar. Your request will be rejected if there is a conflict.
  3. Either submit your Motor Pool Vehicle Reservation Request online or fill in and fax the Motor Pool Request For Reservation Of University Vehicle (Adobe PDF document). The online form is the quickest way and preferred method. It is very important that you type the correct email address of the dean/director on the online form; otherwise your request may go unanswered.
  4. If you submit your request online, an email will be sent to the dean/director for approval. Once the dean/director approves your request, it will be sent to Facility Services for review, who will either approve or reject your request, resulting in an email being sent to you. If you are a dean/director initiating the request, you must approve your own request for it to be reviewed by Facility Services. After you have submitted your request, you can view the status of it any time by clicking the link in your email about the reservation.

Contact Information

Office Hours:
Monday -Friday, 8 AM - 4:30 PM
Human Performance Center
Room 203

Norman Jones
Facility Services
Assistant Director of
Finance and Administration
Phone: (504) 280-6865