Cost of Attendance Update

Effective 2012-2013, the Financial Aid Office will follow the UL System in regards to cost of attendance as indicated below: When combined with TOPS, waivers, fee exemptions, state aid, federal financial grants or loans, or Federal College Work Study Program and all other aid, university scholarships should not exceed the "cost of attendance." "Cost of attendance" is defined as "an estimate of the student's educational expenses for a period of enrollment" pursuant to Title IV. This definition and the COA components are included in the LOSFA TOPS guidelines.

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TOPS Awards

Detailed information including FAQ's regarding opportunities available in Louisiana.

If you are a new student and are eligible for TOPS and the award does not appear on Webstar or on your FEE Bill, then it is possible that we are waiting on confirmation of your eligibility from the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA). The Office of Student Financial Aid receives updated eligibility rosters from LOSFA on a weekly basis. You may view your eligibility on LOSFA's website.

If you have received notice from LOSFA that you are eligible and you have not registered for classes, you should register for classes as soon as possible and also notify the Office of Student Financial Aid
that TOPS has sent you a notice of eligibility.

If you are a Transfer student and you are TOPS eligible, you should register for classes and notify the financial aid office if your TOPS award is not posted.

Please continue to view WebStar weekly to confirm your award status. You may also visit the TOPS website for the your rights and responsibilities detailing how to maintain your TOPS award each semester and other updated information at the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA).

Exemptions/Awards Available

  • Air Force ROTC Scholarship
  • Child Deceased/Disabled Exemptions for veterans, policemen and firemen killed or injured in the line of duty are available.
  • Community Police Exemption
  • LA National Guard
  • Hardship Waivers
  • Academic Common Market