First Year Transitions

Get Involved!

After going to Privateer Camp last year, Jordan Fontenot was convinced to get involved at UNO. He joined a fraternity in his first semester and is now a Krewe Leader himself!

Jordan Fontenot

Orientation is not long enough to possibly cover everything you need to know to be a successful Privateer. First Year Transitions is here to help. Join us in the first six weeks of the fall semester for Privateer Plunge! Read More

Welcome to First Year Transitions!

First Year Transitions is made up of three new student initiatives brought to you by the Division of Student Affairs and the Office of Admissions:

Privateer Camp

Privateer Camp, is a three day, two night leadership retreat for incoming freshmen, focusing on leadership, involvement, and diversity. 

Transfer Leadership Retreat

Transfer Retreat for Leadership, is a two day, one night leadership retreat for new transfer students focusing on the transition to UNO. 

Privateer Plunge

Privateer Plunge is a 6 week program full of events, activities, meetings, sessions, workshops, etc. designed to help new freshmen and transfers adjust and engage in life at UNO. 

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