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The 2013 Privateer Plunge events have been uploaded to this website!

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We can't possibly cover all the things you need to know to be successful at UNO during orientation. Your transition to college is going to challenge you; Privateer Plunge is brought to you by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership and the Office of Enrollment Services. Privateer Plunge offers you a variety of opportunities to understand the resources available to you and to meet other UNO students, faculty and administrators. We hope you take the plunge!

Your Challenge

During Privateer Plunge you will be expected to attend at least 12 events, within your first six weeks at UNO. Each category is denoted by a color splash.

Blue- Academic and Traditions
Silver- Social and Culture
Red- Health, Wellness, and Personal Development
White- Community and Service
Black- Transfer Track
Green- UNIV Track

When you attend an event, sign in at the table that has the Privateer Plunge symbol. Once you sign in, your attendance will be noted and uploaded to our Privateer Plunge attendance system.

Remember, attend at least three events in each category, a total of 12, by the end of your first six weeks, October 5, 2013.

What's My Incentive?

You are going to meet new friends, professors and administrators and make the important transition from high school to college academics. Your academic advisors, professors, student staff and University administrators will be checking in with you throughout the first six weeks to help you. You will have fun at social activities and learn about the many resources UNO has to offer.

You will be eligible to win one of many different prize packages once you have completed the 12 events within the appropriate categories. And you will have the fact that you completed Privateer Plunge. You will get good food! In mid-October, a first-year student party will conclude Privateer Plunge, and the winners of the prize packages will be announced. At the party, students who completed at least 20 events will be entered into the grand prize drawing. You must be present to win!

Privateer Plunge events are open to ALL students, however, only new freshmen and new transfer students are eligible to win prizes.

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