2015 TRL Mentors

Transfer Mentor Responsibilities

Transfer Mentors for the University of New Orleans' TRL serve as mentors to transfer students. Mentors must be knowledgeable of and have the ability to foster leadership identity development within transfer students. Transfer Mentors must be aware of the various facets of the University of New Orleans, for they will serve as a key resources and sources of support for all transfer students.

Meet our Student Support Staff

 Alyssa Moore
Strengths: Adaptability, Empathy, Strategic, Developer, Futuristic
Organization Involvement: Orientation Leader, Peer Mentor, Emerging Leader Mentor, Krewe Leader, Transfer Retreat for Leadership Mentor, Ex President of the Transfer Student Organization, Transfer Mentor, member of Student Activities Council
Why I Chose UNO: It was close to my hometown.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: It feels like home!
Fun Fact: I know sign language, and I'm exchanging to Alaska in the Fall.


Name: Darius Miner
Strengths: Strategic, Achiever, Futurustic, Relator, Analytical
Organization Involvement: Greek Life, Student Activities Council, Student Government, UNOtube
Why I Chose UNO: Local, affordable, good programs, lakefront campus.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: How inviting it is to everyone. All peoples of all personalities and walks of life are welcomed at UNO all the same.
Fun Fact: I like to dance, and I'm in love with pepperoni pizza!



Name: Stephanie Moore Kreamer
Strengths: Includer, Context, Positivity, Learner, WOO
Organization Involvement: Kappa Delta Epsilon Honor Society, Transfer Student Org, and Orientation Assistant.
Why I Chose UNO: Affordability, location, and diverse student population.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: As an adult student I was worried that I would stick out or have a difficult time getting involved or making friends. It was amazing just how wrong I was! I have made so many great friends and so many wonderful connections.
Fun Fact: I watch a LOT of British television. I love to cross stitch.


Meet the Mentors

 Magen Arabie
Organization Involvement: Kappa Delta Epsilon, Apples 2 Hearts, Transfer Mentor Program, TRL
Why I Chose UNO: It was close, affordable, and I felt welcomed. Plus, their education department is awesome.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: TRL and the SUCbAUF
Fun Fact: I am a certified dental assistant.

Name: Amina Batiste
Strengths: Learner, Futuristic, Belief, Connectedness, Input
Organization Involvement: Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity, Leadership Cabinet, Transfer Student Organization Vice president of Communication and Membership, Transfer Mentor, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre Health Professional Honor Society Webmaster
Why I Chose UNO: I decided to attend UNO because I needed to find a place that I felt like was home. I went away my first two years of school, but I didn't feel challenged enough in my course work.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Once I got to UNO, I felt I found a place that would push me to excel beyond my limits.
Fun Fact: I love Korean Pop Music... so yeah lets be friends.

Name: Ave Maria Bordenave
Strengths: Futuristic,Relator, Harmony, Discipline, Empathy
Organization Involvement: TSO VP of Finance, Transfer Mentor, Web editor of Driftwood, IEEE member
Why I Chose UNO: Because it has the best Engineering school and it is close to home.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Becoming VP of finance for TSO and receiving an award for best staff on the Driftwood
Fun Fact: I love to read fantasy and mystery books. I'm a huge Jimmy Graham fan and I love Four from divergent.

Name: Eboné Canty
Strengths: Relator, Empathy, Strategic, Furturistic, Restorative
Organization Involvement: Greek Life; Commuters United, President; Transfer student organization; Leadership Cabinet;
Why I Chose UNO: The environment was very inviting and I love being so close to the city
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Joining clubs and making friends
Fun Fact: I love all types of music. I love the Saints!

Name: Jaelyn Culliford
Strengths: Positivity, Includer, Empathy, Input, Context
Organization Involvement: Greek Life, TSO, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Orientation Leader, Service Coalition
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO, because of the city of New Orleans and the education program!
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Definitely my TRL trip. I learned so much about uno and it made me what to become involved!
Fun Fact: I can play over 6 instruments. I am related to the author of "The Awakening," Kate Chopin.

Name: Yazan Hamide
Organization Involvement: Greek Life, UNO Wrestling Club President, IFC Athletic Chair
Why I Chose UNO: Close to home
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Joining my Fraternirty
Fun Fact: I am a stuntman in movies. I taught my dog to open the fridge and bring me a drink.

Name: Kristi Martin
Strengths: Woo. (And the other four in that category)
Organization Involvement: Tau Sigma
Why I Chose UNO: It's in New Orleans!!!
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Down to earth, accessible professors
Fun Fact: I've been a newspaper reporter for 15 years, covering crime and government. There were only 14 people in my high school graduating class.

Name: Kristina Oliver
Strengths: Futuristic, Maximizer, Includer, Positivity, Input
Organization Involvement: UNO Starlette Dance Team, Emerging Leaders
Why I Chose UNO: My parents went to UNO when I was little and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: I love the diversity at UNO! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. There are sooo many leadership opportunities that define how UNO is full of aspiring leaders ready to make a difference.
Fun Fact: I have an extra finger on my left hand and I have an extreme obsession over Superman!