TRL Mentor Information

Transfer Mentor Responsibilities:

Transfer Mentors for the University of New Orleans' TRL serve as mentors to transfer students. Mentors must be knowledgeable of and have the ability to foster leadership identity development within transfer students. Transfer Mentors must be aware of the various facets of the University of New Orleans, for they will serve as a key resources and sources of support for all transfer students.

Transfer Mentor Duties:

• Attend all meetings and trainings during the Summer 2014:
• Assist in coordinating and implementing the Transfer Retreat for Leadership on August 6th and 7th, 2014.
• Foster campus involvement and leadership development among transfer students.
• Be comfortable leading ice breakers, team-building activities, small group discussion and presenting sessions concerning leadership development, involvement, cultural competency, academic success, conflict resolution, campus life and the history of the University of New Orleans.
• Set a positive example to students by adhering to the regulations of the university.
• Inspire participants to become involved and spirited about the University of New Orleans.
• Serve as a resource for peers concerning different aspects of the college life at the University of New Orleans, specifically campus involvement, leadership skills, academic success, UNO traditions, diversity awareness, conflict resolution, and the city of New Orleans.

Application Deadline is April 30th