2016 TRL Mentors

Transfer Mentor Responsibilities

Transfer Mentors for the University of New Orleans' TRL serve as mentors to transfer students. Mentors must be knowledgeable of and have the ability to foster leadership identity development within transfer students. Transfer Mentors must be aware of the various facets of the University of New Orleans, for they will serve as a key resources and sources of support for all transfer students.

Meet our Student Support Staff

 Shelby Wall
Strengths: Communication, Self-Assurance, Includer, Woo, Command
Organization Involvement: SAC and Greek Life
Why I Chose UNO: Orientation Won My Heart! ♡
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: Orientation and Winning P-Plunge
Fun Fact: I love Frogs & Making weird faces!


Meet the Mentors

Name: Amina Batiste
Strengths: Learner, Futuristic, Belief, Connectedness, Input
Organization Involvement: Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society- Webmaster, LAMP Member, Leadership Cabinet, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Student Activities Council, Student Government Association, College of Science, Transfer Student Organization- VP of Membership and Communication, Xavier University Chemistry Department Research Assistant
Why I Chose UNO: I decided to attend UNO because I needed to find a place that I felt like was home. I went away my first two years of school, but I didn't feel challenged enough in my course work.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite memory at UNO is the day that a complete stranger told me that I looked like I had the potential to be great as a leader on campus. And now I am one!
Fun Fact: I take a lot of pride in my height- I had a very impressive growth spurt of 5 ft and 3/4 inches!

Name: Eboné Canty
Strengths: Relator, Futuristic, Empathy, Strategic, Restorative
Organization Involvement: Commuters' United (President), TSO (V.P. of Membership), Greek Life, SAC, Unity
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO because it had both of my majors and both lead to the fields that I want to work in as well as having the friendliest and outgoing people I've ever met.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite aspect of UNO is how easy it is to get involved and meet a ton of people!
Fun Fact: I watch YouTube and Netflix more than actual television.

Name: Hannah Kaltvedt
Strengths: Restorative, Futuristic, Strategic, Activator, Intellection
Organization Involvement: Orientation Leader and Psi Chi
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO because it was close to home and affordable.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite aspect of UNO is the closeness of the community on campus.
Fun Fact: I love books (especially graphic novels) and I currently work as a server at Mellow Mushroom.

Name: Leah Primeaux
Strengths: Empathy, Positivity, Activator, Futuristic, Connectedness
Organization Involvement: Transfer Student Organization, Student Activity Council, Student Support Services, Honors, Unity
Why I Chose UNO: The cost and location couldn't be beat!
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: I love that UNO works so hard to include everyone and get everybody involved! It doesn't matter who you are, there is a place for you at UNO.
Fun Fact: 1.) I am my dad's middle child, my mom's oldest child, but was raised an only child. 2.) I used to live in Los Angeles.

Name: Jai Washington
Strengths: Command, Achiever, Adaptability, Relator, Input
Organization Involvement: Student Activities Council Executive Board
Why I Chose UNO: I chose UNO because of its diversity and I wanted to go where no one from my town had ever thought of.
My Favorite Aspect of UNO: My favorite memory from UNO is any memory with SAC. We're almost always laughing and there's a new memory being formed every day.
Fun Fact: I can move my ears!! I'm also a 9-time world champion cheerleader.