Web Conferencing

These Internet–based courses are real-time "live" classes. They require the student to connect to the course using the free software, Adobe Connect. Classes meet on a weekly basis just as a class on-campus would, however, Internet delivered web conference synchronous courses can be attended from your home, workplace, even your car - any place you have broadband internet connection (wired or wireless). These classes are as close to on-campus classes as you can get. You see and hear your professors and your classmates. You can work in groups with classmates and collaborate on projects on a mutually accessible whiteboard learning space. You can also see and present PowerPoint presentations, view live internet pages, share your desktop, as well as view and hear movies/and other instructional audio/visual materials.

All an enrolled student needs is an Internet connected computer (cable or DSL preferred), a webcam (integrated in your laptop or detachable) and an audio headset with attached microphone. While these synchronous Internet courses provide all of their content in real-time, they are recorded by UNO technical staff (available for just-in-time in and out of class help) so that if you miss a class you can see it in its entirety by going to link and replaying the class session. Also, Moodle is used as an adjunct to the course just as it would be used in an on-campus class. One thing to remember…If you are not on Central US time, adjust your class attendance time by taking into account your time zone difference with Central US time!