Dissertation Defenses

College of Business Administration

 Ivan Francisco Julio
Three Essays in Financial Economics
Thursday, March 31 1:00 pm in KH 454
Major Professors: Neal Maroney, Ph.D. and Mohammad Kabir Hassan, Ph.D.

Ravigsida Dorcas Compaore
Impact of Financial Market Development on Holdings of U.S. Assets and Equity Carve-outs and Macroeconomic Activity
Monday, April 29 11:00 am in KH 454
Major Professors:  Atsuyuki Naka, Ph.D. and Neal Maroney, Ph.D.



College of Education and Human Development

Lung-Chiuan "Danny" Chiang
An Assessment of Diversity Competence Among College Seniors:  An Exploratory Study
Monday, April 8 10:00 am in ED 348-I
Major Professors: Roxane Dufrene, Ph.D. and Zarus Watson, Ph.D.

Brian Knight
The Lived Experiences of Master's Level Counseling Students in Beginning Skills Classes: A Qualitative Study
Monday,   April 8 4:00 pm in ED 212
Major Professor: Roxane Dufrene, Ph.D.


College of Engineering

Xijia Lu
An Applied Numerical Simulation of Entrained-flow Coal Gasification with Improved Sub-Models
Thursday, July 10  1:00 pm in EN 910
Major Professor:  Ting Wang, Ph.D.



College of Liberal Arts

Brandon Haynes
Sport, Identity and Disaster in New Orleans
Friday May 17 11:00 am in MH 381
Major Professor: Michelle Thompson, Ph.D.


College of Sciences


Brandon Glynn Scott
Perceived and Actual Emotional Control among Youth:  Are there Differential Relations with Anxiety and Aggression? 
Monday, July 1 1:00 pm in GP 2041
Major Professor:  Carl Weems, Ph.D.


Dawn Allenbach
Full Life Cycle Effects of Environmental Stressors on Japanese Medaka (Oryzias latipes)
Monday, July 8 11:00 am BIO 101
Major Professor:  Bernard B. Rees, Ph.D.

Salman Javaid
Detection and Analysis of Heap-based Malwares using Introspection in a Virtualized Environment 
Tuesday, July 9  1:00 pm in MATH 207
Major Professor:  Golden Richard III, Ph.D.  

Yanjie Jiang
Approaches for Improved Positional Proteomics
Thursday, July 11 3:00 pm in CSB 206
Major Professor: Richard Cole, Ph.D.