Graduate School Policies

Enrollment in 7040

approved by Graduate Council 9/10/09

Approved: In general, students are permitted to enroll in 7040 only once in completing a graduate degree program. However, in exceptional circumstances a student may be allowed to enroll in 7040 one additional time. The request should be initiated by a faculty member in the student’s degree program and include information about the student’s progress towards the degree. At a minimum, the student must have turned in a completed draft of the manuscript to the student’s thesis/dissertation committee. If the student is completing a non-thesis master’s program, they must have initiated the comprehensive examination or project report. The decision regarding a second enrollment will be made by the Graduate Dean. No exceptions will be granted beyond a second enrollment in 7040.

Catalog in Force

Generally, a student must meet all the requirements for a degree outlined in one catalog. The student may elect any catalog in force during his or her enrollment at the University, provided enrollment is continuous. A student who has a break in enrollment for five calendar years may not elect a catalog earlier than the one in force at the time of re-entry. Under no circumstances may a catalog more than 10 years old be used. In some instances, program or college graduation requirements may be imposed that are not included in the catalog under which the student has chosen to graduate. These additional or different requirements are well publicized by the colleges involved.

*** The policies below are in effect for all graduate students newly admitted effective Fall 2012 and for students re-entering the Graduate School after not being enrolled for five years or longer.

Graduate Admission

approved by Graduate Council 5/15/12

Undergraduate in Graduate Course

A UNO undergraduate student who lacks not more than twelve semester hours for a UNO bachelor's degree may be permitted, after scheduling all required work for the degree, to register for up to 9 hours of graduate credit. This privilege applies only to students who have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 3.2. It is extended only upon recommendation of the dean of the student's college and by permission of the department. This approval must be obtained prior to the start of the semester involved. The courses for graduate credit must also be approved by the professor under whom the student intends to do major work as a graduate student. The total amount of work, graduate and undergraduate, for which a student covered by this provision may register may not exceed 15 semester hours.

Master's Degrees

approved by Graduate Council 2/28/12

"C" Grades

No more than six semester hours of credit with a grade of C may be applied to a Master's degree.

Transfer of Credit

The majority of credits toward a graduate degree (either master’s or doctoral) must be earned at the University of New Orleans. The maximum hours that can be transferred for doctoral degrees vary. The specific program of interest should be consulted for the limitations and conditions on transfers for doctoral degrees. Only credits earned in courses may be transferred; thesis/dissertation research credits may not be transferred.

  • A maximum of 12 hours earned as a non-matriculating student may be used in a master’s degree program, if approved by the program and the College.
  • A maximum of one-third of the credit hours required for the degree transferred from other schools may be used in a master’s degree program, if approved by the program and the College.
  • A maximum of one-half the credits required for a second degree may be applied from a prior master’s degree at UNO, if approved by the program and the College.

To petition for acceptance of these credits, the student must be currently enrolled, must have completed at least 9 hours of graduate course work in a degree program at UNO, and must be in good academic standing. Transfer of credit is approved only for course work taken as a graduate student; no work graded lower than a B can be transferred, unless the course is a joint degree program requirement. Transfer credit offered toward a degree is subject to the same time limits as course work taken at UNO.

Graduate work transferred from other institutions may be applied toward degree requirements, but the grades earned will not be computed in the UNO graduate average, unless the course is a joint degree program requirement.

Time Limit

Programs for master’s degrees must be completed within six years. A student may request an extension beyond the time limit with approval from the program and the dean of the Graduate School, in consultation with the Graduate Council. Courses over fifteen years old will not normally be considered for an exception. A Request for Extension of the Time limit form along with a statement of support from the degree program must be submitted to the Graduate School

Doctoral Degrees

approved by the Graduate Council 2/28/12

Time Limit

The degree must be completed within six calendar years following admission to candidacy, or less, if specified by the individual college or program. Prior work applied to the degree (including transfer and locally-earned credits) must have been completed within nine calendar years immediately preceding the date on which the degree is conferred. An extension may be granted if approved by the Graduate Council.