College Prep Tips

What you need to know to help you get into college and be successful

1. Attend an Open House

There are many different universities. You get to choose. An open house will give you most of the information you need to see if a school is the right fit. OPTIONAL: We'd love to see you at the University of New Orleans.

More information on UNO's Open House

2. Go on a Campus Tour

Campus tours will help you see the university and all the amenities it offers. Don’t be afraid to look at multiple schools. You won’t know if the school is right for you until you see it for yourself.

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3. Investigate Online

You can find out a lot about a university by checking out its website. Keep up with deadlines and current events by following the school on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Try to search for answers to your questions on the university's website before contacting an admissions office.

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4. What to Study?

Not all universities offer the same programs of study. Make sure the college or university you are interested in has the program you are seeking. Contact the college and see if you can speak to a current student or professor in the department for more information. Find out if the program demands special requirements or prerequisites. Some programs, like engineering, may require higher scores or additional courses.

More information on programs

5. Know Deadlines

Application deadlines are different for every college. Make it easy on yourself and know when things are due. Don’t hesitate to apply early. Some schools offer priority scholarships or orientation programs for students admitted early. You don’t have to wait until you graduate to send your transcript!

See UNO's admissions deadlines

6. Get a Head Start on Financial Aid

Filling out the FAFSA is the first step in qualifying for TOPS, grants, loans, etc. The process can be lengthy, so start early to make sure you receive your financial aid on time.      

Learn more about financial aid opportunities and scholarships

7. Know the Total Cost of Your School

How much does it cost? Investigate scholarships and look for outside scholarships that you could be awarded for a special talent, essay contest, ethnic heritage, etc.

More information on tuition and fees

8. Prep for the ACT

Practice makes perfect. Be prepared for the ACT. The better your score, the better chances you will have to get into your first choice. And the better chance you will have to receive scholarships.

ACT prep workshops offered at UNO

9. Keep Up Your GPA

It is important to keep up your core course GPA, not just your overall. Make sure you spend time studying and focusing on English, math and science.

UNO application requirements

10. Contact Your Guidance Counselor

Keep an open communication line with your high school guidance counselor. Make sure you are taking the right courses to ensure you are college-bound. Some universities require a certain number of math courses; make sure you are on track.

Meet Your Counselor

11. Investigate College Requirements

Each university is different and may require different test scores, letter of recommendation or even community service hours. Start the process early because everyone else will be asking teachers and managers for letters. Take care of yours before the rush.

Learn more about UNO's admissions requirements

12. Have a Well-Rounded Experience

Make sure that the school not only has the programs but the campus life that you are looking for. Decide what’s important to you: athletics, religion, Greek life, etc. Make sure your college offers what makes you happy and comfortable.

UNO’s campus life

13. Manage Your Time Wisely

It's important to learn good time management skills now. Making sure you are able to balance class, studying and work is important to becoming a successful college student.

14. Challenge Yourself

Even if you are able to have an easy senior year, look for ways to better prepare yourself for college. You may even want to take college courses while in high school. UNO offers a dual enrollment program. Investigate to see whether you are eligible or must first fulfill additional courses requirements.

Learn about UNO's dual enrollment program

15. Live on Campus

Even if you decide to stay close to home, living on campus will provide a richer college experience. You’ll meet new friends faster, you'll find it easier to get up and go to class, and you'll get more involved.

More information on housing at UNO

16. Get Involved

Colleges offer all kinds of student leadership programs, clubs, athletic and community service opportunities. Some offer Greek Life. Be ready to take advantage of those types of services and help. College is what you make of it … The more you put in, the more you’ll get out!

Student involvement at UNO

17. Have Questions? Ask Your Admissions Counselor

If at any point in searching for a college you have questions, contact an admissions counselor.  He or she will know where to direct you and give you the next step to getting enrolled and starting your college career. 

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