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UNO JapanUNO-Japan Study at Doshisha University

"UNO's first study abroad program in Asia, which includes specifically designed courses for honors students, will be a unique opportunity for you to immerse yourself in one of the most unique and interesting cultures. Join us."

—Dr. Mostofa Sarwar, Director of the UNO Honors Program


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Kyoto, Japan
Online Intro Session: May 16 - 26, 2018          Onsinte: May 27 - June 30, 2018

The University of New Orleans Honors Program pioneered this study abroad program with the cooperation of the Division of International Education. The five-week adventure is in Kyoto, where honors students learn and live in the cradle of Japanese civilization.

Join us this summer and take advantage of a unique opportunity to study where cultures merge and history emerged. Ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto has a rich tradition in the arts, literature, and language. Participate with other Honors students in a fascinating journey of excitement and discovery. Each of two courses will carry three hours of credit and emphasize the exploration of this culturally-rich world. Opportunities to visit the cities of Osaka and Nara are provided during the program. Don't wait. Sign up today and join other Honors students on the adventure of a lifetime.