Affinity Housing in Pontchartrain Halls

Affinity Housing in Pontchartrain HallsWe want to tell you about an exciting opportunity you have as a first year student at UNO. In compliance with the University of Louisiana system, UNO is now participating in the first year residency requirement.This means that as a new UNO student, you will be living on campus.

Affinity housing will be available to all incoming freshman. Our residence halls offer wonderful amenities like on site laundry, several lounges including TVs and pool tables, study rooms, plus each residence hall has a kitchen on the first floor. Some of the benefits to living on campus include: easier access to campus facilities like the recreation center and the dining hall, meeting new friends and creating lasting relationships, and students who live on campus have higher GPAs and are more engaged in their college experience.

There are some great options for you as a new student, including our brand new affinity housing options. Below are the descriptions of our Affinity Housing options.

**You are not required to choose an affinity housing option. Students who are not interested will be placed on another floor.**

Affinity Housing Wings

The University's Pontchartrain Hall North and Pontchartrain South will have eight specialized wings.

New Orleans Culture WingNew Orleans Culture Wing (freshman only)

New Orleans is a vibrant city that serves as a colorful backdrop to your UNO college experience! The New Orleans themed Affinity Housing floor will provide you with opportunities to engage in various aspects of New Orleans culture and to GEAUX explore your city! Whether you are new to the Crescent City or are a lifelong resident, students who want to learn more about NOLA and UNO belong here.

SScience and Sustainability Societycience & Sustainability Society

The Science and Sustainable Society themed Affinity Housing floor brings together students who want to understand the challenges facing society and use their talents to make a better world for the future. You’ll meet local scientists, engineers, and policy professionals and have the opportunity to participate in service-learning projects that benefit the local community. If you are interested in sustainability you can make a difference, and it’s time to start now.

Transfer Student WingTransfer Student Wing
*Transfer students only

 In addition to living on campus, students in our Transfer Wing will have the chance to bond with others who share their experiences and want to become engaged in campus life. Create a community of transfer students and experience life at your new university together! Learn about all the opportunities new transfer students have: transfer mentor program and transfer executive council to name a couple. Make connections. Make your mark.

Leadership and Involvement WingLeadership and Involvement Wing
*New freshman and transfer students

At the University of New Orleans, there are over 130 student organizations and numerous leadership opportunities.  The Involvement and Leadership themed Affinity Housing floor will assist you in maximizing your college experience by building lasting friendships, exploring your leadership style, and having fun!  No matter your current level of involvement or leadership, this floor will help you in becoming the ultimate Privateer!

Arts and Technology affinityArts and Technology

The Arts and Technology themed Affinity Housing floor brings together students who are interested in blending their talents in the arts with technology. The introduction of new degree paths that incorporate digital media with current curriculums gives you the opportunity to expand your minds. You'll meet professionals, artists, computer scientists and alumni who are actively involved within the community. There will also be opportunities for you to participate in off-campus visits, which will shed some light on these emerging trends.


Service Learning exampleSLICE- Service Learning and Institutional Community Engagement

The SLICE Affinity wings invites students interested in serving their local, regional and global community to live, learn and serve together. The SLICE Affinity wing will help you to discover the rewarding experience of learning through engagement by connecting you with opportunities to get involved on and off campus. At UNO, students can participate in Service Learning through registering for a Service Learning course, participating in a major community initiative project, attending a Service Learning workshop, completing community-based research, or attending Service Learning events throughout the year. Through living in the SLICE Affinity wing, you will make lasting connections; by connecting with other students interested in making a meaningful impact and by connecting academic course content to community needs.


Greek Affinity BlurbGreek Affinity Wing 

The Greek community at the University of New Orleans is comprised of diverse Greek organizations — seven sororities and nine fraternities — each of which is a campus chapter of a national group. The department of student housing invites the Greek community to participate in Greek affinity housing. You must be an active member and in good standing with your chapter prior to moving in. All residents must be approved by the Chapter president to be eligible for the Greek Affinity Wing. Residents of this wing must have sophomore standing to reside—beginning the following semester or term after becoming a member of a chapter. Students in our Greek Wing will have the chance to bond with others who share their experiences and want to become engaged in campus life through the Greek community. We are creating an environment for like-minded people to socialize and create lasting bonds of friendship during their college experience and beyond.

Honors Wing

Honors WingLocated on the top floor of the North Hall, this wing is reserved for Honors students. The Honors Program is designed not only to challenge academically astute students, but also to provide a platform to network and create social connections. We are creating an environment for like-minded people to socialize and create lasting bonds of friendship during their college experience and beyond. Meet lifelong friends, form study groups and get involved in the Honors Council, all while enjoying the benefit and prestige of living in an Honors Wing.

In order to qualify to live on the Honors Wing, one must actively petition the Honors Program for membership. The criteria for petitioning membership in the Honors Program are as follows:

  1. Incoming freshmen must have an ACT Composite score of 30. 
  2. If the student has taken the SAT, the student must have a SAT score of 1350 out of 1600 on both Math and Verbal categories.
  3. Transfer or continuing students must have a GPA of 3.50 or higher.

All recipients of the Homer L. Hitt scholarship award will be admitted into the Honors Program in recognition of their strong academic record.

We look forward to having you on campus this fall! This is going to be a wonderful opportunity for you to experience UNO as an on campus resident.