Costs for Pontchartrain Halls, Privateer Place & Lafitte Village

The University of New Orleans requires all residents of Pontchartrain Halls to purchase a meal plan. Please make sure to incorporate meal plan costs as well as fees and deposits.

Pontchartrain Halls
Fall 2016 & Spring/Summer 2017 Rates

Unit Full Year Academic Year Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
1-bedroom $10,475 $8,185 $4,250 $4,250 $2,580
2-bedroom $8,760 $6,985 $3,560 $3,560 $2,210
4-bedroom (97 sq. ft.) $6,995 $5,530 $2,875 $2,875 $1,905
4-bedroom (90 sq. ft.) $6,730 $5,415 $2,765 $2,765 $1,850

Meal Plans

UNO Dining Services

Need more information on meal plans at UNO?

Dining Services website

Unspent Dollars

Unspent dollars in the declining balance portion only of each meal plan will rollover from the fall to the spring semester only.

Residents may select from following plans.

* If no preference is stated, the resident will be assigned to the Cap' n Plan of 15 meals per week. All Meal Plans prices are per semester. 

Meal Plan Cost Number of Meals (per week)
Lafitte Plan $1,432.00 12 meals per week plus $210 declining balance dollars
Cap' n Plan $1,625.00 15 meals per week plus $260 declining balance dollars
Privateer All Access Plan $1,745.00 Unlimited All-You-Can-Eat meals per week plus $260 declining balance dollars
**Summer Meal Plans are 19 meals per week only.    $750.00

Fees and Deposits

Application fee and security deposit are submitted at time of application. Security deposit will be refunded less any damage charges and/or outstanding balances owed to the University. Damages in excess of the security deposit will be billed to the resident's student account.

  • Non-refundable Application Fee $100.00
  • Refundable Security Deposit $250.00

Privateer Place Apartments
On-Campus Apartments

Current rates at Privateer Place Apartments

Lafitte Village
Married and Family Housing Apartments

Unit Cost
1-Bedroom $740.00
2-Bedroom $840.00
Monthly rates include utilities, cable, laundry, and internet

Fees and Deposits

  • Refundable security deposit $250.00
  • Nonrefundable application fee $100.00
  • Late fee (after 5th business day) $35.00

Daily, Camp, or Conference Rates

Unit Cost (All rates are per person)
1-Bedroom $60.00 per night, plus tax
2-Bedroom $50.00 per night, plus tax
4-Bedroom (90 sq. ft.)
$40.00 per night, plus tax
4-Bedroom (97 sq. ft.) $40.00 per night, plus tax
Linens Available (minimum weekly) $15.00